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Permanent Hair Removal

It has the best track record. Electrolysis has the best overall results, versus any other method, in ridding hair permanently.

Many different hair and skin types can benefit. Because it doesn't target hair pigment (color) like laser, but attacks the follicle itself. People that are not good candidates for laser can still get electrolysis.

· Sterile disposable electrolysis needles

· Electrolysis performed on the face and body

· Complimentary electrolysis consultation

· Treatments in private


Customized facial treatments which includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction of impurities and high frequency treatment to disinfect and improve circulation then an application of concentrate serum, relaxing massage for shoulder, neck and face. Finishing with a mask treatment and cream.


A great way to remove unwanted hair for four to six weeks leaving soft, hair-free skin. While waxing does not permanently remove the hair, the amount of hair present is greatly reduced when receiving regular waxing treatments.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks of hair growth to ensure a clean and longer lasting result.

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